15 Things to Do in December in Los Cabos

Abid Godil
3 min readMar 23, 2022

There are 15 Must-Do Activities in Los Cabos, Mexico. Los Cabos has something for everyone, from luxury spas to late-night nightlife. Enjoy a peaceful lunch by the pool or party the night away at a famed nightclub. There is something for everyone in this laid-back resort, and even those who aren’t beach lovers will find something to appreciate.

Take a Whale Observation Tour. Each winter, the humpback whale migrates from Alaska to Cabo San Lucas. According to Abid Godil you may view them at night when the water temperature is a nice 70 degrees, which allows you to get a close look at one of these colossal monsters. Additionally, you can ride an ATV across the landscape of Baja California or take a sunset boat excursion. El Squid Roe is a good choice if you enjoy adrenaline and dancing.

Volunteer at the Humane Society of the United States. Between January and February, dog owners can walk their dogs on the shelter’s paths between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. They can also provide a hand at the shelter’s activities and fundraising opportunities. They will gladly assist you! There are numerous opportunities to volunteer and assist the shelter in making a difference. Consider volunteering at the Humane Society if you are passionate about animal welfare.

Flora Farms is a must-see. If you’ve never visited Flora Farms in Los Cabos, you owe it to yourself to do so. San Jose del Cabo is a popular day trip destination from Cabo San Lucas. The menu is seasonal and regional, and the environment is comfortable and casual. There is even the possibility of seeing a whale.

Zipline. Ziplining is a thrilling adrenaline rush that provides a wonderful view of the desert. You’ll be suspended from a harness between two platforms that are approximately 100 to 200 feet apart. Not only is a zipline excursion exhilarating, but it also allows you to see some breathtaking surroundings. A Zipline Tour is certain to amaze you.

Take a hike through the adjacent sand dunes. It’s an excellent activity for the entire family. In Abid Godil opinion wandering around the desert is an excellent method to see the town’s most recognizable attractions. If you’re seeking for culture, don’t miss Cabo San Lucas’ historic core. This is a location steeped with history. The churches and plazas are lovely, but don’t overlook the church.

Whale watching is another fantastic pastime in Los Cabos. You may observe whales playing in the ocean and get up up and personal with the enchanted and colorful aquatic life. Numerous trips are available that allow visitors to witness spectacular wildlife and the natural surroundings surrounding Los Cabos. If you have time, you can join a few of them and take in the area’s sights.

Scuba diving, Abid Godil think that is an excellent approach to experience the undersea environment. Los Cabos has an abundance of diving sites, making it perfect for both novices and expert divers. There is something for everyone in this collection. Whether you’re new to diving or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to enjoy the underwater scenery in this coastal Mexican city. You’re going to want to spend some time on the water, and this is the ideal location.

It’s simple and inexpensive to get to Los Cabos. It is possible to rent a car and drive to the beach. Bear in mind that you must have insurance while renting a car in Mexico. To avoid the high cost of a cab ride to the airport, it is recommended that you rent a car. However, when driving in an unknown location, it is critical to be alert of your surroundings. After landing in Los Angeles, take a stroll around San Jose del Lucas’s streets.

There are numerous restaurants in Los Cabos for foodies. Street tacos are a popular option. These tacos are available across the city. If you want to experience true Mexican cuisine, try street tacos. These tacos were excellent and came piled high with toppings. Simply remember to carry your hat, as locals are notorious for stealing them.



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